Monday, February 6, 2017
Exquirla: presents first official video for the song "Un Hombre"
Exquirla:  presents first official video for the song "Un Hombre"
Spanish instrumental rockers Toundra have joined forces with one of the most important emerging Spanish Flamenco artists, Niño de Elche, to form a brand new project under the name of Exquirla for which they just presented a video for the song "Un Hombre"

that's available here:

The video has been directed by Jorge Escalona from Bol Studios who also worked with Toundra for the stunning animated clip of the song "Oro Rojo" and the previous lyric video for Exquirla's song "Destruidnos Juntos", that's still available here

The band comments: "We are happy to present the new video for "Un Hombre". Once again we collaborated with Jorge Garcia who did a time-lapse video of the creative process of a huge painting inspired by Enrique Falcon's poem for "The March of the 150,000" that speaks about the cruelty and abuses in war conflicts."

Their debut album "Para Quienes Aún Viven" (For Those Still Alive) will be released through Superball Music / Sony Music on the 17th February 2017 and will be physically available as a CD Digipak and a 2LP + CD. Pre-order the album here:

The result of a union between two musical identities that are supposed to be the polar opposite of each other; Exquirla combine the magic and intensity of Toundra, one of the most relevant instrumental rock bands in Europe at the moment, and Niño de Elche, the key emerging Flamenco artist in Spain. As with some of the most rewarding things in life, the bond between both parties occurred almost accidentally when the two found themselves sharing a festival in Cadiz. A fascination with each other's music almost instantly formed, and everybody involved felt it was a remarkable moment in their own musical growth.

Since then the project was named Exquirla, and the collaboration played their first show for Spain's most influential music magazine, Mondosonoro. That live performance left such an impression among the crowd gathered, that making an album together felt like the next logical step, and one they approached with much excitement.

The result is "Para Quienes Aún Viven" (For Those Still Alive), an album that travels through poems that dare to face the most intense elements within human nature, as well as bring together an amazing musical intensity and a breath-taking emotion; a sound that could only have been achieved by combining the essence of rock music with the passion of flamenco.

Francisco Contreras, Vocals
Esteban Jimenez Giron, Guitars
Alberto Tocados, Bass
Alejandro Pérez, Drums
David López, Guitars

TOUNDRA online:

Niño de Elche online:
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